Some Testimonials

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend yoga workshop offered by Babita. I left the class feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and uplifted. I felt a sense of peace and calmness.  I found her style to be gentle and thoughtful. Everyone felt comfortable and relaxed in her class. Babita is a wonderful, dedicated yoga teacher full of knowledge and wisdom.  I am looking forward to a next yoga session with her. - Madhu Chadha

Babita has a wonderful way of integrating yoga philosophy along with the asanas (poses).  - Evelyn Stefula

I have never felt so relaxed after exercise! And the thing you have to realize is Yoga is not is getting in touch with the inner self and the body at the same time. I guess I would call it a religious experience with the calm that it brings about. I never would have believed that it was possible...but with your class I experienced it first hand. I enjoy the music that you play (?chanting shlokas). It really sets the calming peaceful mood - kind of like a bubbling spring in the forest. Your articulate, calm, gentle demeanor and voice for the asanas enabled me to flow into them. It surprised me that you always got everyone's attention while never raising your voice - always maintaining sanctity of the peaceful environment.  - Sangeeta Rashatwar

I have taken couple of yoga classes with Babita and the experience was awesome. I have learnt yoga in India too but her approach towards teaching yoga is different. According to her, yoga is not just doing Asanas and shedding off couple of pounds. Yoga is getting aware of one's inner self and also get harmonious with our mind and soul. Babita not only teaches the asanas but also explains the meaning of each one of them in detail. - Ritu Amba

Taking a class with Babita as your teacher is as invigorating as it is spiritual. Her knowledge of the philosophy, Sanskrit names, and posture will guide you to a very unique yoga experience. - Gerry Simpkins

Babita's soothing voice made the Yoga lesson a very calming and centering experience and left me refreshed mentally when I continued with the rest of my day and week. I appreciate relating the asanas to the spiritual basis of yoga as that it is important to me. Some other yoga teachers have a material and financial aspect that comes through, but that is definitely not so with Babita; one realizes that this is truly an offering from the heart. - Sadhana

I have always found you having a positive attitude toward the class in general. I like that you explain and demonstrate a pose, especially challenging ones, so the students understand it from beginning to end. You have always made sure the whole class is on the same page and everyone is aware of the dangers and mistakes. You also know how to explain the poses in a variety of ways so if explaining it one way doesn't resonate with someone, they have an arsenal of perspectives on the poses.

Good teachers know how to teach....and you are certainly, one of them. You often see subtle errors and weaknesses and know how to correct them graciously. With your positive attitude, you have gently encouraged students, working with whatever energy level they may have. You frequently use positive reinforcement to check on students.

Most importantly, you ask how the students are feeling. Teachers should want to make sure that the class was helpful and challenging for everybody and you have always accomplished that.

You have thanked us for attending and always end the class with Om Shanti, Shanti...may peace be everywhere...this just brings out emotions and attitudes with the grounding and peace brought forth in good yoga.

Thank you and may peace be with you as you take upon new endeavors. - Kamakshi

Babita's knowledge and experience with the deeper areas of daily practice lift and inspire me to reach a little higher on many levels. We are all elevated by her classes and her peaceful energy. - Karen Schlachter